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Pignolo is a black grape variety of ancient Friulian origins. In purity it is light ruby red in color, with a harmonious, full and delicate taste and a typical aroma.

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Typology: D.O.P.

Area of production: Friuli Isonzo

Terrain: Stony alluvial soil

Varieties: Pignolo 100%

Production: 1 bottle per plant

Harvest: By hand

Notes: in organic conversion since 2019

Vinification: Already in the vineyard in the spring, by selecting the best buds, and then in the summer, by heavily thinning the bunches, the yield of the vines is reduced to maximize the quality of the future wine. At the beginning of October, the grapes are then harvested strictly by hand and once they arrive in the cellar they are destemmed and macerated on the skins for about thirty days. They are then racked and gently pressed. The wine obtained rests for about a month in stainless steel tanks in order to carry out malolactic fermentation. Immediately afterwards, a long aging process begins in 20 hl oak barrels for about 4 years.
Once bottled, the wine remains to refine in the bottle for at least two years before being marketed.

Description: Pignolo is a black grape variety with ancient origins in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. It is an ancient grape variety, with the first records dating back to the 1300s-1400s. Pignolo wine in purity is light ruby red in color, with good alcohol and acidity, with a harmonious, full and delicate flavor and a typical aroma.

Temperature & recommandation: It should be served in large red wine glasses at a temperature of 16°C, paired with medium-aged cheeses and all roasted or grilled red meats. It is particularly suitable for beef stew.

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