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Wine tasting is an art that requires experience and sensitivity. The factors to consider during wine tasting are appearance, smell, taste, and persistence.

The appearance of wine is determined by its color, clarity, and brightness.
The smell of wine is determined by its primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas. Primary aromas are those that come from the grapes, secondary aromas are those that come from fermentation, and tertiary aromas are those that come from aging.
The taste of wine is determined by its acidity, alcohol, tannin, and body. Acidity makes wine fresh and lively, alcohol gives wine body and structure, tannin gives wine astringency, and body determines the feeling of weight of the wine in the mouth.
Persistence is the duration of the taste of wine in the mouth.

Wine is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed on many occasions. It is a pleasure for the palate and the nose, and it can be an excellent companion to food.

A complete sensory experience


The color of wine is a first indicator of its type and maturity; the bottle and label can provide information about the origin and history of the wine.


Smell is the most important sense in wine tasting. By sniffing the cork, we can perceive the wine’s most delicate aromas. By sniffing the wine, we can identify primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas.


Taste is the sense that allows us to perceive the flavors of wine. Wine can be sweet, dry, acidic, or bitter; it can also have a fruity, floral, spicy, or mineral flavor.

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